Family groups call Argentinean politicians to reject abortion


The Federal Network of Families in Argentina recently urged politicians to have “the courage to defend human life from the moment of conception to natural death.”

“There is a moral duty to respect the life of every human being, of every innocent human person, and especially the most innocent: the embryo.  Therefore, because it constitutes the deliberate elimination of an innocent human being, abortion is an abominable crime,” the family network said in an Oct. 30 statement.
The network noted that the government has the duty to defend human rights, especially the right to life. “From this we can deduce that the State cannot allow abortion without gravely attacking its very reason for existence.”
The organization said that instead of legalizing abortion, lawmakers should pass a law currently under consideration in the Argentinean House of Representatives. It would grant full protection to the human rights of pregnant women and to their unborn children.
The proposed law “provides concrete solutions to the tragic situations used to justify abortion” by calling for an effective support system for women in difficult pregnancies.
The network called on all those “convinced that the defense of life and of the dignity of man in all stages of existence is essential for the survival of our human condition” to work decisively to prevent the unborn from being killed in Argentina legally.

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