Family coalition decries Spanish government’s manipulation of language referring to parents


The Platform for the Promotion of the Family in Spain announced this week it would not remain indifferent in the face of efforts by the country’s Socialist government to confuse and distort the terminology of the universal concepts of father and mother.

Supported by more than 300 associations representing more than 500,000 people in Madrid, the Platform showed its displeasure with having to put up with the aberrations of the Zapatero government, which has sought to substitute the words “father” and “mother” with “progenitor A” and “progenitor B.”

“The dictionary indicates that progenitor has always referred to the direct ancestor of a person, above all the father and the mother.  And when it refers to ancestors it is also referring to grandparents, ancestors who are linked through blood lines,” the Platform said.

The group also reminded Zapatero that homosexual unions are incapable of procreating or generating human life.  Therefore individuals in such unions cannot be truly considered progenitors.

The group said manipulating society in order to change behavior and ways of thinking directly affects the essence of freedom of individuals who, regardless of their intellectual capacity, have the right to know the truth about certain rights issues based on natural law.

The Platform vowed to oppose efforts to legalize homosexual marriages with every legal means possible and work to have such laws declared unconstitutional.

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