Five exorcisms per day taking place in Mexico

.- At the recent National Congress of Exorcists held at the headquarters of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico, organizers revealed that up to five exorcisms per day are taking place in the country.

The number of daily exorcisms has been climbing since the 1960s, according to researchers.  In the central Federal District of Mexico alone there are eight priests authorized by the Holy See to perform exorcisms in order to expel demons in the name of Jesus according to the rites and norms of the Catholic Church.

One these priests is Father Pedro Mendoza, who noted that there is one exorcists “per vicariate (of the Archdiocese) and we have four or five cases every day.  We have a day of prayer for liberation with about 30 or 40 people.”  “It’s a special liturgy with special prayers of the Church which must be followed by the exorcist, almost like the celebration of a sacrament,” he added.

Another priest, Father Abel Lopez, said that when a person is possessed by the devil, it becomes apparent in his or her way of behaving and speaking, as the person’s tone of voice tends to be more aggressive.  Nevertheless, several scientific specialists are needed in order to determine if a person is possessed.  “So the bishop has to send psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors to give a diagnosis and to decide whether or not the person is possessed,” Father Lopez stated.