Foundation proposes opening museum on abortion in Spain

Foundation proposes opening museum on abortion in Spain


The director of Fundacion Vida in Spain, Manuel Cruz, said his institution has proposed the opening of a Museum on Abortion as a means of “educating people, especially university students and young people from schools and institutes,” as “very few know what [abortion] is.”

“We want to show the instruments that are used, the kinds of abortions, the places where abortions are performed in Spain and testimonies from women who had abortions,” Cruz said.

In Spain “there is a lot of talk about abortion,” he said, “but very few know what it really is, how abortions are performed, and neither have they listened to the experiences of women who have suffered from them.”  For this reason, “a stand on abortion could be very educational,” he added.

Cruz recalled that “from a human and moral point of view, abortion causes serious harm to thousands of women who suffer in silence in Spain, and to all of society.”  The killing of “human beings has become a business whose sales volume in our country is estimated to be $81 million.”

“Showing the reality of abortion is not enough to end this inhumane practice,” he went on, because in a society “awash in so much moral relativism” and “radical feminism,” and where “the practice of abortion occupies such a central place, it is difficult to be constructive.”

Cruz said abortion is “just as evil as or worse than the Nazi holocaust.  The thing is that very few pictures of the thousands of dead fetuses are shown, and abortion itself leaves women who have experienced it completely unable to speak about it.”


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