Gender ideology endangers Spanish education, expert warns

Gender ideology endangers Spanish education, expert warns


This week, Professor Jose Maria Barrio of the Department of Educational Sciences at the Complutense University in Madrid warned that the main problem with the Spanish educational system is that it is based off of sociological categories such as gender ideology and stanch pseudo-progressivism.

During the presentation of a study on education by the organization, Professionals for Ethics, Barrio noted that those who seek to define education in Spain often impose certain pedagogical models on other peoples’ children.

The coordinator of the study, Mariano Bailly-Bailliere Torres-Pardo, called for the course “Education for the Citizenry” to be taken out of schools, saying it “constitutes an obstacle to reaching a lasting agreement on education,” as the curriculum is extremely ideological.

“The purpose of education is not to defend ourselves from youth, but to allow its development,” he said, emphasizing that the State should foster an atmosphere that facilitates the task of education and that parents must not neglect their rights and obligations towards their children.

The Professionals for Ethics study reaffirms the right of parents as the primary educators of their children, and it says that the State should foster national unity in schools through the study of the history and common culture of Spaniards. It also argues that the State must ensure “ideological neutrality” in all school curriculum.

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