Group warns Spanish government will use abortion law to impose sex-ed


The organization, “Professionals for Ethics” warned this week that the Spanish Socialist government is intending to use the new law on abortion to force schools to teach its version of sex-ed, which includes gender ideology.

In a report, the organization said the new law on abortion includes measures to “incorporate sexual and reproductive formation in the school system.”

It also noted that the law would promote homosexuality and abortion among students through content that is not under the authority of school administrators but rather “health care personnel, especially pharmacists and nurses, as well as psychologists, sexologists and all the professional workers” the government decides to train.

For this reason, Fabian Fernandez de Alarcon, general secretary of Professionals for Ethics, said schools “would not be able to appeal the norms because in doing so they will be accused of not collaborating with public health.”

The organization said Spain’s Minister of Health, Trinidad Jimenez, has already announced that her department is drafting a legislative norm that would force all schools without exception to impart sexual education to all students beginning in elementary school.

This obligatory norm to impart sexual education contradicts fundamental international legislation, the organization said, and for this reason “the contents of sexual education addressed to minors cannot be of an obligatory nature.”

Otherwise, Alarcon said, it would be absolutely illegal and parents would have every right to voice their opposition.

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