Guiding the faithful is not taking the side of any one party, says Mexican cardinal


The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, said the Church does not take sides with any one particular political party, but rather she fulfills her mission to guide the faithful with the criteria necessary to choose between the different candidates for political office.

During a pastoral visit to Iztapalapa, the cardinal pointed out that the Church should not single out, favor or oppose any person or party, but she should “provide general elements in advising whether they have the necessary qualities or capacities in order to know if the person in whom we are placing our trust is able to perform.”

Cardinal Rivera also said the mission of priests is not to be social leaders, as “others are meant to be political leaders.”  “We will not be those leaders, but we should help people to see they can [be] and [that they] should demand what was promised them,” he said.

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