Include God, Judeo-Christian tradition in European constitution: German bishops

.- A European Constitution must include a reference to God, “to the Judaic-Christian tradition of Europe and to its long-lasting effectiveness,” said the German bishops in a declaration published this week. The declaration marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome.

The statement from the German bishops invites all people “to recall the origins of this European integration process, to adopt the fundamental provisions and to recognize the tasks of Europe.”

“The peacemaking and pacifying force was the original spur for the European unification process” and still is “its most important legitimization,” they wrote. “Europe is no longer synonymous with historical rivalries and war, but with the settlement of conflicts and the prevention of conflicts, without resorting to weapons.”

The bishops stressed that “the unconditional primacy of the human being” and the great regard for human rights were fundamental to the creation of the EU and that these also reflect “the Christian view of the human being”.

“The fact that European politics is basically synonymous with this view of man is the true Christian heritage of Europe,” they said. This is why it is appropriate that a fundamental European text should include a reference to the Judaic-Christian tradition of Europe, they continued.

The bishops say Europe should be accountable to the world, have a good common foreign policy, practice a good balance “between a liberal economic order and a charitable social order”, and have a greater consideration for the needs of the family.

The bishops welcome the resumption of the European Constitutional process, and propose that God be referenced in a Constitution, making it “clear that all human actions are finite, that no politics is absolute.”

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