Insensitivity to eternal values is not “modern progress”, warns Mexican Cardinal


The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, said during Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral that insensitivity to eternal values is not “modern progress” but rather a terrible fault that could lead mankind towards greater tragedies.

“Being insensitive to eternal values, to the law of God, is not modern progress, but rather a terrible fault that could lead us to greater tragedies, in the same way that physical insensitivity can lead us to be carefree with our bodily health and lose it when we least expect it,” the Cardinal said during the homily.

The cardinal pointed out that “not feeling the need to return to the Father’s house, not to feel repentance, to believe that nothing that we do or stop doing is evil, is a very alarming symptom.”

“Just as physical pain is a spontaneous reaction to alert us to something that is not right in our bodies, so also spiritual pain, repentance, is a response of the conscience to alert us that something is not right in our souls, in our spirits,” he said.

Speaking about the parable of the prodigal son and the merciful father, Cardinal Rivera said, “In response to the scorn and shunning of puritans, who don’t want to be contaminated by sinners and who are dedicated solely to pointing out and condemning the sins of others and justifying themselves, Jesus has revealed to us the merciful love of God our Father who moves us to repentance for our personal sins, and He casts us into the loving arms of the Father described in the Gospel.”

Likewise, “In response to the loss of the sense of sin and the loss of the fundamental values that make it possible for humans to live together, Jesus invites us to remake the social fabric, helping us to recover the sense of guilt and moving us to conversion and repentance so that our community might go to Him who makes all things new: Jesus Christ our Lord,” he concluded.

At the conclusion of the Mass, the Cardinal granted an interview to local reporters during which he called all Mexicans to unity as they celebrate their national holidays.  “These national holidays are always a call to unity, to work for Mexico,” he said.

“There is always the danger of dispersion, of division and confrontation.  And therefore the call to unity, the call to work for Mexico, should be permanent, and not only in this administration.  We did it last century and we will continue to do it during this century as well,” he underscored.

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