Irish presidency of EU leaves reference to Christianity out of European Constitution

.- The Irish Presidency of the European Union has issued a statement of the heads of State and government of the 25 member countries in which no mention of Christianity is made in the preamble of the future EU Constitution.

The text says that despite the important help from the various delegations regarding the inclusion of a specific reference to the Christian or Judeo Christian heritage of Europe, “there is no sign of a consensus in this area.”

The draft of the preamble of the EU Constitution simply underscores—without mentioning Christianity—the “cultural, religions and humanistic heritage of Europe,” from which the universal values of inalienable and inviolable human rights, democracy, equality, freedom and the law-abiding State have developed.

The text says the countries of the EU show their conviction that the peoples of Europe, while they are proud of their own national identities and histories, are resolved to overcome the old divisions and are increasingly more united in forging a common destiny.

The final decision on the text will be made by the heads of State in the next EU meeting which will take place in Brussels June 17-18.  The Czech Republic, Portugal, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Poland all supported a reference to the Christian heritage of Europe.

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