Judge’s decision to allow homosexual couple to adopt rejected in Chile

Judge’s decision to allow homosexual couple to adopt rejected in Chile


The Church and several family groups are reacting against the decision of an Appeals court in Temuco, Chile, to grant custody of three children to a lesbian mother, saying it will make it possible for other homosexual couples to adopt.

The controversial decision says that “lesbianism by itself does not make on incompetent” in the custody of minors.”

While the father of the children appeals to the Supreme Court to regain custody of his children, Ignacio Fernandez of the Archdiocese of Santiago’s Family Ministry Office, said the only family model that can truly be such is that of a father and a mother.

He added that to develop properly all children need a father who teaches them values like security, and a mother who gives them an example of service.  “We think the attempt to form a community similar to marriage between to people of the same sex is inadequate.  We were all born into a family and we know that the mother  and the father bring different things to the family,” said Fernandez.

The organization “Family Action” also criticized the decision saying it “violates the natural rights of children and endangers the very concept of family established by law.”

In a statement signed by the group’s director, Juan Antonio Montes, Family Action underscored that “all children have to right to be educated by a father and by a mother and this right is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Children, ratified by Chile.”

Moreover, the group said, “Chilean civil law recognizes the family as the union of a man and a woman, and there is neither legal recognition nor protection for other types of lesbian or homosexual unions.”

Family Action is demanding the Supreme Court “reverse the decision and give clear signs that the family and the rights of children are duly protected in Chile.”