Knights of Columbus support Mexican bishops' freedom of expression

Knights of Columbus support Mexican bishops' freedom of expression


The Knights of Columbus in Mexico have expressed their solidarity with the country’s bishops for their courageous, firm and respectful opposition to the Mexican Supreme Court’s recent rulings on abortion, same-sex “marriage” and adoption by gay couples.

“Mexico is a free, plural and democratic country where persons and institutions have the right and duty to express their opinions on issues that have to do with national public life,” the Knights said in a statement.

They noted that the Catholic laity make up the vast majority of the Mexican people and that they enjoy civil rights such as freedom of expression.

They also reaffirmed their defense of religious freedom, the unborn, the family based on traditional marriage and the right of adopted children to have a father and a mother.
“The legal culture should be centered on the person and support those least protected such as widows, orphans, migrants and refugees, the indigenous, the marginalized in cities and in the countryside, pregnant women, the handicapped and especially children and the unborn,” they said.

The Knights encouraged Mexicans to foster a culture life that prevails “over the culture of death so that everyone might have life in abundance, from conception to natural death.”

“The Knights of Columbus pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Father Michael J. McGivney to be better Catholics and citizens every day and thus work together with all the members of the Church and society for peace, justice, freedom and the rights of persons in order make the civilization of love a reality,” the organization concluded.

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