Knights of Columbus call for referendum to defend true marriage


The Knights of Columbus have called on both the Mexico City Legislative Assembly and the head of the federal government to organize a referendum asking the Mexican people to decide whether or not  marriage should continue to be defined as a social institution between one man and one woman.

Luis Fernando Guevara, who represents the Knights of Columbus in Mexico said redefining marriage to include same-sex couples does not represent the will of society, which for centuries has always defended the treasure and value of marriage between one man and one woman.

In response to the criticism leveled against religious organizations for their defense of marriage, Guevara said, “People who, on the basis of their religious beliefs, express their opposition to the redefinition of marriage do so by exercising their freedoms of thought and action.”  He noted that both of these freedoms “are guaranteed in the first article of our constitution.”

“We are concerned that the Mexico City Legislative Assembly is not only failing to legislate on issues of priority for society, such as healthcare, security, education, poverty, but it is ignoring fundamental institutions such as marriage, a natural and legal institution that we Mexicans recognize as the foundation of society,” Guevara said.

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