Mexican archdiocese suggests ‘moral revolution’ to combat violence


The communications office of the Archdiocese of Xalapa, Mexico recently released a statement pointing out that legalizing drugs will not solve the country’s problems. Instead, the archdiocese called for a “revolution of consciences” to combat Mexico’s violence and organized crime.

In a press release, the archdiocese referred to the call by President Felipe Calderon to seek out national unity and create appropriate strategies “for confronting the problems of the lack of security, violence and organized crime.”

The archdiocese also noted that “all of society has been invited to participate in the national debate on the legalization of drugs” and lamented that for issues such as abortion and gay “marriage,” not everyone has been allowed to share their opinion.

For this reason, the archdiocese said, the debate on the legalization of drugs should be broadened and focused on the urgent need for personal and social reform “in order to attack at the roots the grave problems related to the lack of security, violence and organized crime.”

It said the legalization of drugs would mean the continuing tolerance of corruption and of mechanisms of destruction that are inherent in the production, sale and consumption of drugs.  “We need a revolution, not with guns,” the archdiocese said, “but with a revolution of consciences, a true moral revolution.”

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