Mexican bishops express solidarity with Arizona immigrants

Mexican bishops express solidarity with Arizona immigrants


The secretary general of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico published a message of solidarity with those affected by Arizona’s new illegal immigration law.

The bishops expressed their “profound sorrow” and the solidarity of “all the bishops, priests and religious of Mexico, in communion with our people and with federal officials and other leaders of the country.” The bishops also lamented the “profound suffering experienced by our fellow countrymen and our Latin American brothers and sisters in the United States in general.”

“We pray with insistence to the Lord of Life and of all the earth that He move the hearts of all those who because they do not know the Father of all have not been able to find brotherliness, tolerance and mercy within themselves,” they added.

The bishops condemned “the selfish and irresponsible position of a few groups in power who wish to separate, endanger and sink into the most frightful misery innumerable families who, with enormous sacrifice, have risked all in the search of a better life and a future of well-being and justice for their children.”

“We join the cry of so many people of good will who have raised their voice, calling on officials, Mexican families and all parishes in Mexico to exercise the social ministry of welcoming with special cordiality and charity those who are forced to return,” the bishops said.

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