Mexican bishops says all responsible for life of the Church


As the diocesan fundraising campaign began this week, Bishop José Guadalupe Martín Rabago of León, Mexico, called on the faithful to be generous and reminded them that, “all of us are responsible for the life of the Church.”

With the phrase, “Share what God has given you,” the diocese began its donation drive distributing more than five thousand envelopes during the Sunday Masses, which explained how funds will be used this year.

Bishop Martin Rabago recalled that in 2004 the diocese received about $160,000, “which not even amounts to a penny per inhabitant,” and he explained that tithing is now called “diocesan cooperation” not only because of a name change but “because of a change in meaning, because tithing means to give 10% of one’s earnings, and when we speak of diocesan cooperation, we are talking about a contribution that is much less.”

“We appeal to your generosity, and we are not complaining nor threatening; we are simply expressing what it is we are asking for and we are trusting in your generosity,” the bishop said.

Bishop Martín Rabago, who is also President of the Mexican Bishops Conference, added, “We will live with what we have.  We are sure we won’t be dying from hunger, because our people won’t allow that, they have always been close to us, and out of their poverty they contribute to covering our needs.”  Lastly, the bishops explained that what is received will be used for medical attention for elderly priests, who do not have any health insurance, for the construction of churches in poor areas, and to support diocesan committees.

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