Mexican bishops urge return to a strong work ethic


The bishops of Oaxaca, Mexico have condemned the “curse” of the “rule of minimal effort" which they claim exists in the country and should be banished due to its encouragement of crime.

In a statement titled, "A Pernicious and Abominable Curse upon our Society," the bishops drew attention to "the way of life which seems to have become part of us: the rule of minimal effort" which "propagates the destruction of our social fabric, prevents our necessary development, discourages efforts to create common good, and fuels crime."

The bishops warned that this "rule" is found in education, politics, some businesses, and in many families. “Unfortunately, in our society, this attitude has eroded the real meaning and purpose of work," they lamented.

They then affirmed that "worse than the lack of jobs is work done poorly, fraudulently, corruptly, or dishonestly,” and then demanding a salary as if the work was done responsibly.

Honest work is the standard way in which people achieve success, fulfillment, and through which they project constructiveness, the bishops said. “It is the most effective manner in which workers humanize themselves and their workplaces.”

The bishops also noted that "good relations arise where people work with honesty and responsibility.” Such an environment can also lead to the growth of mutual friendships and mutual appreciation. Similarly, workplaces which foster these characteristics lead to an increase in levels of quality. “Through their lives, these people also illustrate that integrity is the most important asset to their work," the bishops noted.

"We urge the Mexican people to fight and eliminate this evil abomination in our families and communities because, with the 'rule of minimal effort,' and without responsible and honest work, neither individuals nor the community will be able to rise to new heights," the bishops concluded.

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