Mexican cardinal calls for national reconciliation

.- The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, called on Mexicans this week to seek national reconciliation, which he said could be achieved before the end of the current government’s term.

According to the Notimex news agency, the cardinal emphasized, “Now that we have entered the transition period, it’s best for all political parties that we move forward as a people.”  “There are many viewpoints from which I think all the parties would benefit in advancing, in order for there to be better fiscal policy and a better future in energy matters, both in electricity as well as in oil, gas and others,” he added.

Cardinal Rivera also addressed the issue of structural reform in the country, saying that in his opinion it is necessary, even though the chances of getting it approved depend on the different political factions.  Moreover, he noted the apparent lack of interest in such reforms on the part of the Fox administration.

“It is very difficult,” he continued, “to achieve agreement because there is no parliamentarian system” that would balance the power between the president and parliament.  “It would be terrible see 2006 come with things being the same as they are today and with a candidate winning the presidency with only 12% of the electorate,” the cardinal added.

Cardinal Rivera also criticized the relationship between the Church and the State and noted the lack of true religious freedom in the country.

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