Michigan doctor charged with forcing abortion on teenager

Dr. Abraham Alberto Hodari
Dr. Abraham Alberto Hodari


A lawsuit has been filed against Michigan abortionist Abraham Alberto Hodari, alleging that he forced  an abortion on an 18-year old woman.

Judy Climer, President of Flint Right for Life explained to CNA that she recently noticed a “for sale” sign at Hodari's clinic in Flint, Michigan. Suspicious as to why the abortion clinic was for sale, Climer went to the Court House for further research and there found the 18-year old's complaint.

Climer passed the complaint on to pro-life organization Operation Rescue who has since posted it online.

The woman, Caitlin Bruce, filed a lawsuit against Hodari over the incident that took place in April 2008, claiming that Hodari and his assistant performed an abortion on her against her will. Bruce allegedly sought an abortion at Hodari's clinic but changed her mind before the procedure began.

When she notified Hodari that she no longer wanted the abortion, Bruce claims that Hodari and his assistant forcibly restrained her, covered her mouth to muffle her and continued with the procedure.

The suit, filed on June 17, 2009,  includes six counts against Hodari: lack of informed consent/medical malpractice, battery, fraud, misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and ethnic/gender intimidation.

Since Michigan has a statute that forbids intimidation based on gender or ethnicity, reports Operation Rescue, the fact that Bruce is African American has added to the charges. Statistics have shown that the abortion industry disproportionately targets African American women. 

The lawsuit is not a novel occurrence, as Hodari has been sued 23 times in the past 20 years.

“This man should be in jail,” said Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman. Commenting on the recent closing of Hodari's Flint Clinic, Newman continued to say, “To avoid having to pay for his crimes, it looks like Hodari is trying to liquidate his assets, take the money and run.”

Judy Climer told CNA that although a date for the Caitlin Bruce hearing has not been set, she has informed Bruce's attorney that “if he needs an audience for the hearing, I will provide one.”

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