Mother of 12 shares photo journal from National March for Life

Mother of 12 shares photo journal from National March for Life


Becoming frustrated with the lack of media coverage of the National March for Life, writer and mother of 12, Barbara Curtis decided to create a photo journal on her blog to document the nearly 300,000 people defending the rights of the unborn.


The Virginia-area mother has released 477 photos displaying the diverse races, ages and religions of the pro-life movement on her blog website.


“The annual March for Life is the most under-reported event in the nation,” she explains on her blog.  “This is my fourth year redressing the lack of Dinosaur Media coverage with an online photo journal. If a picture says a thousand words, then people can see the truth about Pro-Lifers here: a dazzlingly diverse movement filled with youth, vitality and joy.”


She also recalls 2007 and 2008, when the number of supporters was nearly 200,000.  Prior to the recent march, “we wondered what would happen in 2009 - two days following the inauguration of the most proudly pro-abortion president in this sad episode of our nation's history. This year there were 300,000!”


On the site,, those who attended the March last Thursday in Washington, D.C. can find photos of their groups.  “I stood on a column in front of the Department of Labor for 2 1/2 hours shooting over 700 pictures. I have cut them to 477 - preserving such a large number for the sake of documentation and so that marchers can find their groups.”


Along with being active in the pro-life movement, Curtis is also a writer and cares for 12 children ranging from 8 to 39.  Her three youngest children are adopted and have Down’s Syndrome like one of their older brothers.  She explained to CNA, “While I’m old enough to be a grandmother - and do have 12 grandchildren so far - I am energized and excited about the younger generations, so being at the March with so many young people gives me great hope for the future!”


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