New book highlights L'Osservatore Romano's contribution to Church

New book highlights L'Osservatore Romano's contribution to Church

.- A new book launched by L'Osservatore Romano features opinion pieces from the 150 year-old Vatican daily reflecting on life, culture and the world from a Catholic perspective.   

The book, titled “A Catholic Look. 100 Editorials from L’Osservatore Romano,” features writings published in the last four years under the leadership of editor-in-chief Giovanni Maria Vian, who assumed the post in 2007. 

In an interview with CNA, Vian said the collection “is especially important because it presents a Catholic outlook intended to go beyond cultural or geographical boundaries, a universal outlook that the Holy See has, and also a Catholic outlook in the sense of the faith.”

Vian said the book does not “hide its point of view, but it is capable of hosting the perspectives of other Christians, other believers and the laity.” 

The Catholic Church’s opinion is essential in today’s world, he added, because “it is the only international institution capable of developing a culture different from the dominant culture, and it is something that is more than a culture, it is a proclamation, a presence in support of the human being.”

He also noted that the role of the Vatican daily in recent times is a “role consistent with its history. It strives to present a friendly face of care to the world in the name of the Holy See.”

Vian reflected that his work as director of the paper has been “a great honor and above all a great responsibility.” 

“I try not to think about it too much because the responsibility is enormous. I try to assume it each day with great assistance from my superiors and colleagues, because this is a team effort,” he explained.

During a recent presentation of the book, Cardinal Angelo Schola of Milan quoted Pope Paul VI, who said “the contribution L’Osservatore Romano is making now more than ever to today’s pluralistic society.”

Cardinal Schola said the paper inspires readers to reflect on important issues and helps Catholics around the world to “live an authentic ecclesial experience.”

He said that the newspaper is defined by its “international and ecumenical dimension, by inter-religious dialogue, by the great issues of bioethics” as well as “science and the economy.”

Cardinal Schola also called the Vatican daily a “resource for curious collaborators around the world, for exponents of other confessions and religions, and for the laity,” noting how it also highlights a “special concern for women.”