New music video project to promote inspirational artists

New music video project to promote inspirational artists

New music video project to promote inspirational artists

.- A new Catholic non-profit project called Music Visions aims to promote music artists who have messages of faith, joy and hope to inspire the next generation.

“The social impact of music video via YouTube and other channels is undeniable and yet sadly today’s music video culture no longer respects the dignity of the human person,” music video director and Music Visions founder Manuel de Teffé said March 8.

“Hundreds of millions of young people spend the most formative years of their lives watching music videos which often promote an openly destructive lifestyle,” he pointed out.

“No space seems to be left for other artists who, despite their talent, cannot share their music simply for the lack of a well-produced music video. Music Visions would like to change that.”

De Teffé explained that the music video is the most popular internet content “by far.” Sixteen of the top 20 most watched YouTube videos are music videos, with more than four billion viewers.

Music Visions said it is seeking talented artists with unreleased songs, sponsors who understand the cultural challenges, and broadcasters interested in “taking a chance on something bold and new.”
The organization’s debut video “Beside You”  was directed by de Teffé and celebrates “the joy of motherhood” using music by the Italian artist Mario Maneri.

International pro-life organizations are invited to contact Music Visions to learn how the music video can help promote a culture of life.

The international Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need is a sponsor of Music Visions, while the Catholic Radio and Television Network is also cooperating with the project.

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