New Catholic TV station launches in Pakistan

New Catholic TV station launches in Pakistan


“Good News” is the name of a new Catholic satellite channel launched by the Archdiocese of Karachi in Pakistan on March 31.  The new station will be available via satellite throughout Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe.

Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Karachi attended a special ceremony for the launch and congratulated the director of the channel, Fr. Arthur Charles as well as his staff.  “In the age of the media, the Lord has given us this chance to make his message known to all,” the archbishop said.

“We want to bring love, harmony and fraternity.  We have good news, we have the message of Jesus Christ, which is for everyone, and we want to spread it so the people can learn to live in harmony,” he added.

Fr. Charles explained that the programming would include daily Mass, the Rosary, the lives of the saints, news, educational programs, music and entertainment.  “This is not just another channel following the status quo, but rather we are here to make a difference and give the country first-class programs,” he said.