New law would make Spain the country with highest number of abortions in EU


The president of the Institute for Family Policy, Eduardo Hertfelder, warned this week that the new law on abortion currently under consideration would make Spain the country with the highest number of abortions in the EU by the year 2015.


“In fact, the future law on abortion would ensure that Spain surpasses 224,000 abortions per year by 2015, which would mean that more than 670 children would not be born each day because of abortion.” With an abortion occurring “every 2.15 minutes,” this situation will “only serve to make abortion centers rich at the expense of women who see themselves as doomed to abortion,” Hertfelder said.


He also noted that “in order to grasp the magnitude of these figures, we only need to point out that the number of abortions by the year 2015 will be the equivalent of the sum total of the populations of communities like Castilla y Leon (2.5 million people), Castilla La Mancha (2 million people), Galicia (2.7 million people), etc., or the equivalent of the sum total of the populations of Aragon, Navarre and Cantabria.”


“The implementation of abortion on demand as contemplated by the new legislation will far surpass the ‘current colander’ of a law we have now that allows abortion up to the last week of pregnancy for a so-called ‘psychological risk to the mother’ and will go against what most of the countries of the European Union do,” he added.


Hertfelder also explained that the new law “would be a disaster in which the mother—who sees herself as doomed to have an abortion—loses, in which the child (who is not born) loses, and in which all of society (which is deprived of a child and is faced with mothers with psychological problems) loses as well.”

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