New video reveals ‘lawbreaking’ Tucson Planned Parenthood

New video reveals ‘lawbreaking’ Tucson Planned Parenthood

Lila Rose
Lila Rose


A third Planned Parenthood clinic has been exposed as willing to cover up statutory rape after UCLA student investigator Lila Rose released more hidden-camera footage of Tucson Planned Parenthood counselors advising a 15-year-old not to bring her 27-year-old “boyfriend” to a judicial hearing to waive parental consent requirements.

In Arizona, sexual relations between an adult and a 15-year-old is a felony. The law also requires the reporting of statutory rape.

The investigative video was produced by Live Action Films as part of its Mona Lisa Project.

In the video, Live Action President Lila Rose accompanies her friend Jackie Stollar into a Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic. Stollar poses as a 15-year-old girl

The staffer informs Stellar that a surgical abortion costs $425 in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. “But if you go more than 12 weeks then your prices go up.”

When the actor seeking to secure an abortion tells the staffer she is 15 years old, the staffer says: “Yeah, we are going to be needing a consentment [sic] from your parents. If you don’t want your parents to know, I need to give you some papers so you can go…”

When Stellar interrupts, saying her parents can’t know about the abortion, the staffer continues:

“OK, so we can help you out. Let me get you some information, OK?”

Stellar and Rose then talk about a “judicial bypass” with a Planned Parenthood counselor named as “Araceli.” The counselor advises Stellar to “dress up nicely” for the court appearance.

“You want to look mature,” she says, advising that Stellar should look like she knows what she is getting into.

Other footage shows the counselor explaining the abortion procedure to Stellar and Rose, describing the instruments used.

She remarked that the abortion will be “a little bit uncomfortable” but “it doesn’t hurt.”

Turning to the topic of the baby’s supposed father, the counselor says “They say it’s better to have him with you for support.”

"Is he not a minor?" the Planned Parenthood counselor asks.

Rose, speaking on behalf of Stellar, says, "He's 27.”

“I wouldn't take him with me, no. I mean, don't take him,” the Planned Parenthood counselor says.

When Stellar asks if she will be asked about the father, the counselor says:

“You don’t have to say anything.”

Commenting in a Feb. 3 press release, Rose said: "These videos demonstrate that Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, is entrenched in an organization-wide policy of circumventing state law and concealing the sexual abuse of young girls."

Rose reported that Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at an event sponsored by Planned Parenthood. She then urged Arizona prosecutors to investigate the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s “sexual abuse cover-up.”

"Our footage gives the Arizona public and law enforcement a rare window into Planned Parenthood's careless abortion-first ideology," Rose stated. "With abortion as their first and only solution for the abused victim, Planned Parenthood assists sexual predators by violating the very Arizona state laws that protect children."

"Planned Parenthood is not above the law,” she argued. “They must cooperate with Arizona state authorities to reveal the full extent of their lawbreaking."

Live Action Films’ Mona Lisa Project exposed similar negligence in reporting statutory rape at two Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana. Both clinics either fired or suspended employees and state prosecutors launched investigations into Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

The video of the Tucson investigation is available at