Non-participation in secular life a ‘grave omission’ says Argentinean bishop

.- Bishop Marcelo Raul Martorell of Puerto Iguazu in Argentina told the faithful last week they should participate in civil life, especially in politics, and said abstaining from involvement in secular affairs is a “grave omission.”

“The Church invites everyone to participate in politics and in secular affairs, and it is a grave omission for the faithful to abstain from being an effective Christian presence in those areas,” he said.

The bishop also underscored that “following Jesus Christ always implies a commitment to the truth and to love of neighbor, with the desire making society grow and transforming it into one that is more just and evangelical, until the Lord comes.”

Likewise, Bishop Martorell insisted that Christians must defend “the freedom of every man to honor God above any law and political authority,” and they must be convinced that “God can also use even the most adverse and irreligious political situations to bring about the story of salvation.”

“Let us always keep this reality in mind and let us confidently hope in the designs of the Lord of history and of life, who knows the opportune time to intervene for salvation,” the bishop said.  “Let us pray to Mary Most Holy to intercede before Jesus that through the light of the Holy Spirit we will be able to correctly read the present history of our lives,” he stated.

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