Northern Ireland police force to pay for anti-Catholic bias

Northern Ireland police force to pay for anti-Catholic bias


The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has been ordered to rehire a police photographer and pay him nearly $90,000 after suffering discrimination on the job for marrying a Catholic, reported the BBC.

Stephen Murphy a Protestant, had worked for two years for the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in the 1980s and became a civilian photographer in 1998. However, when his colleagues found out he was engaged to a Catholic woman, he was told she was a "whore" and his decision to marry her meant he couldn't be trusted.

The tribunal considering the case heard that two senior officers tried to make Murphy's life "as difficult as possible" and to force him to leave. He was given unfavorable hours and subjected to a poor annual review. He was also warned his life was in danger.

Murphy suffered panic attacks and was unable to sleep as a result of the treatment. He had to take sick leave. During that time, it was reported that a court exhibit prepared by him was removed and dumped in a bin.

PSNI representatives did not attend the court hearing.