Peruvian bishops criticize government's efforts to distribute morning-after pill

Peruvian bishops criticize government's efforts to distribute morning-after pill


The Peruvian bishops’ Committee on the Family, Childhood and Life criticized the government’s stubbornness in pushing the distribution of the morning-after pill, despite the fact that the country's Constitutional Court ruled last year that the pill cannot be sold or distributed due to its abortifacient potential.

In a message, the committee also criticized the efforts of groups that are backed by foreign organizations and are driven by “a fury that human reason can’t explain,” to persecute those who are most defenseless on the basis of a supposed “right” of women.

These groups are driven by “foreign interests, and not our own,” the bishops' committee said.  The bishops warned that the groups “seek to make the Peruvian people think it is ‘modern’ to annihilate unborn children who, because of some deformation, are unjustly and arbitrarily discriminated against.”

The murder of the unborn has “silently and secretly moved from the mother’s womb to laboratory test tubes where in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproduction techniques are carried out, thus becoming another selective and discriminatory crime against these little brothers and sisters of ours,” they continued.

After warning that society “cannot have a solid foundation” if it scorns the lives of the weakest, the committee called on Peruvians to be on the side of the unborn and to be committed to protecting them from the incessant attacks of those who seek to annihilate them through all possible means.

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