Peruvian cardinal urges parents to raise their children in the faith and in truth

.- During his homily for Mass on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani encouraged parents to raise their children in the faith and in truth, providing especially for their ethical and moral formation.

In his homily the cardinal underscored the “grave responsibility that parents have to raise their children in the faith.

“Raising them in the faith is raising them in the truth. From a young age we must get used to telling the truth, because when there is no truth, enmity, hatred and injustice result.”

“Raising them in the truth is to know that sin is the true enemy. From a young age we must make them see what sin is, how it is manifested, why it is sin, and of what it consists. And at the same time, we must teach them that Jesus has come with his life to reveal to us the kindness of his love, his forgiveness and his help.  They should learn to forgive and to ask for forgiveness,” the cardinal continued.

During his radio program the day before, Cardinal Cipriani also said that “the great economic problems of the country stem from immorality. The problems with security are because of crime; the serious problems young people have are because they are abandoned by their parents; the problems in education, because values are not taught.

“We have a great challenge in the formation of the soul,” he said.

Cardinal Cipriani exhorted parents to fulfill their role as the primary examples and educators of their children.  “May that little child, from a young age, begin to know who Jesus is, what the crucifix is for, who Mary is, and may he pray, ‘My beautiful Father.’  Families, you must educate your children in the faith!” he stated.

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