Petition launched to save mountaintop cross

Petition launched to save mountaintop cross


In an effort to save a 43-foot concrete cross atop Mount Soledad in San Diego, the Thomas More Law Center and other citizens’ groups have launched a national petition, urging federal officials to declare the Mount Soledad Veterans War Memorial a national memorial.

In addition to the cross, the 50-year-old historic site in San Diego includes plaques honoring the service of thousands of United States veterans from all wars. The cross has been the subject of a 15-year federal lawsuit brought by an atheist that resulted in a federal court order requiring the Mt. Soledad Cross to be removed.

Law Center attorneys believe a successful petition effort to have Mt. Soledad designated a National Memorial would allow the cross to remain.

The petition quotes from a May 22, 2001 letter by President George W. Bush, describing the Soledad site as a “place to reflect on our past, be inspired by true American patriots, and offer war veterans our heartfelt gratitude for the freedom we all enjoy today.”

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