Poll on abortion reveals Spanish public wants a change in anti-life policies

.- The Institute for Family Policy in Spain this week presented the results of a poll that shows strong support for reversing the Spanish government’s policies related to abortion and assistance to pregnant women.

The poll, which was carried out in four Spanish regions, reveals that 97% of Spaniards believe abortion has negative consequences for at least one of parties involved in the act and that 78% believe the government’s campaign to prevent unwanted pregnancies has been a failure.  42% believe abortion has negative consequences for all the parties involved.  

82% of those polled said an increase in government assistance to pregnant women would help diminish the number of abortions in the country.  

Based on the results of the poll, the Institute argued that Spaniards appear to be largely unaware of the magnitude of abortion, although they do recognize that it is one of the main causes of mortality in Spain.  This was evidenced by the small percentage of respondents—16%--who were aware that the number of abortions in Spain was more than 85,000.

Respondents also said they believed economic reasons were the primary motive behind most abortions, followed by loneliness and unwanted pregnancies.

90% of respondents said preventive policies should include, above all, the promotion of alternatives to abortion, as well as information about its consequences for women. Most said women who obtain abortions do so without sufficient knowledge of the physical and psychological consequences.

The Institute said preventive policies should be based on recognition of the importance, personal and social value of childbirth, pregnancy and maternity, and should include an increase in the public resources dedicated to helping pregnant women and providing them with complete and accurate information.

According to the president of the Institute for Family Policy, Eduardo Hertfelder, in 2004, there were 84,985 abortions in Spain—which translates to one abortion every 6.2 minutes and one out of every six pregnancies ending in aborting.

The poll was developed by a team of experts and sent to 600 respondents in the four regions of Spain where most abortions take place: Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia.

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