Pope appeals for end to arrogance and violence

Pope appeals for end to arrogance and violence

.- A "rule of life based on love" is needed if we are to receive the rest offered by Jesus Christ to "all who labor and are over-burdened," Pope Benedict XVI said during his brief Sunday Angelus address July 3.

"For this, we must abandon the path of arrogance and violence used to obtain positions of greater power, to ensure success at any cost," the Pope told over 40,000 pilgrims in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Benedict said the offer of Jesus, recounted in today's Gospel reading, testifies to his "compassion for the burdened masses, for they were like a flock without a shepherd."

"That look of Jesus seems to continue to the present day, to our present world. His kind eyes gaze on the masses burdened by difficult living conditions, but also those still searching for a valid reference point, for meaning and for a goal in life," said the Pope.

He observed that such people are to be found "in the world's poorest countries, tried by poverty" but also  "in the richest countries" where "there are many dissatisfied men and women, some even given to depression." And he gave special mention to "the many displaced persons and refugees, those who risk their lives emigrating."  

"The true remedy for the wounds of humanity," both material and spiritual, said the Pope, "is a rule of life based on love, brotherly love, which has its source in the love of God."

This will result in a new attitude towards the natural environment, giving up "the aggressive style that has dominated in recent centuries," and also towards other people - where "the force of truth against every injustice, is one that can ensure a future worthy of man."

After the Angelus, the Pope's thoughts turned to the topic of vacations. He is departing the Vatican this week for his July break at Castel Gandolfo, 15 miles outside Rome. He encouraged pilgrims to live the summer holiday period "orientated towards rest and serenity," and reminded them to take the Gospel with them wherever they go.

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