Population Research Institute expands, joins in founding Family Life International


Population Research International (PRI) has joined with other pro-life groups to form a new worldwide pro-life organization, called Family Life International.

The new organization emerged out of an “urgent need for a truly global pro-life, pro-family organization,” says a statement issued by PRI president X yesterday.

Family Life International (FLI) will now include other pro-life groups in the Caribbean, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Latin America. 

Steve W. Mosher, who serves as president of PRI will also serve as the president of FLI. He said the new merger “means PRI’s reach will be greater than ever.”

The new organization will allow the pro-life movement to be more effective internationally and be better positioned to “undertake global offensives,” such as cutting funding to the UNFPA and restricting the use of abortifacient drugs, such as the morning-after pill and Norplant, he said. 

“With the (recent) addition of our new PRI office in Latin America, will be able to confront the Culture of Death on five continents,” he said. 

Relying on the adage that strength comes in numbers, the group expects to be more effective in advocating and teaching about marriage, natural family planning and chastity.

FLI also hopes to model the successes of some of its member countries in convincing their governments to pass legislation that protects the unborn, the elderly and the disabled, and opposes pornography.