Priest in Gaza fears flotilla conflict will lead to more violence


An Argentinean priest in Gaza, Father Jorge Hernandez, remarked this week that he fears the recent flotilla raid that left nine dead and several injured will provoke a wave of violence in the Palestinian territory.

Speaking on Vatican Radio, Father Hernandez condemned the violence saying, “Evidently this was a crime that could have been avoided. It was not necessary to go to such lengths, as there were other means of acting more peacefully.”

Nine activists were killed and dozens were injured when Israeli forces raided six boats that were allegedly attempting to deliver aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The flotilla was aimed at breaking through a three-year Israeli blockade of the area's ports.

“This provokes many problems,” the priest continued. “The reaction of the Palestinian people here in Gaza has been one of fury. That is the atmosphere that is present in Gaza: an atmosphere of vengeance for what has happened."

Father Hernandez, who belongs to the Institute of the Incarnate Word, said the situation in Gaza is grave, as “low supplies of everything are making prices skyrocket. Medicine and other first aid products are extremely expensive. The situation is getting worse day by day.”

“Peace is not achieved through violence! It is not the right way!” he asserted.