Pro-family groups campaign against legalization of pedophilia in Chile

Pro-family groups campaign against legalization of pedophilia in Chile


Various pro-family groups in Chile this week, including “Family Action,” have launched a campaign aimed at stopping a proposed law by a group of legislators concerning “reproductive and sexual rights” that would open the door to legalized pedophilia in the country.

Family Action explained that while the Senate is preparing to pass a law punishing pedophiles and child pornographers with severe sanctions, a multi-partisan group of legislators has presented another bill that would nullify those measures.  “If this other bill is passed, it would eliminate the age of content which the current law against pedophile has established, allowing all types of sexual activity to be legal ‘from an early age’,” Family Action said.

This bill on sexual rights, the group added, “defines these rights as the ability to ‘decide for oneself when and with whom to have sexual relations, with no limit as long as the other person’s sexual freedom is not violated. 

The bill would also “prohibit all discrimination which would lessen, restrict or limit the exercise of this right because of age…especially discrimination against young people of school age.”  Family Action has sent a letter to legislators urging them to shelve indefinitely the proposed bill on sexual rights, citing Senate rules that specify that bills older than two years that have not come up for a vote should be dismissed.

The anti-pedophlia law was approved Wednesday in committee and established 14 years as the age of consent for sexual activity, despite opposition from anti-life congressmen.  It will now come up for vote in both houses of Congress next week. 

 The new law would create a national registry of accused sex offenders, punish those who solicit their services and substantially law enforcement powers.

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