Pro-life ad campaign to target MTV and BET viewers

Pro-life ad campaign to target MTV and BET viewers

Pro-life ad campaign to target MTV and BET viewers


During the first few months of 2009, will launch a second national crisis pregnancy ad campaign on MTV and BET. Its five-week trial run on the two network cable stations has already yielded nearly 22,000 requests for help from abortion-vulnerable women, resulting in saving the lives of 11,000 babies.

Founder of VirtueMedia, Tom Peterson explained to CNA that the ads "are designed to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies, and invite them to call for help, or come to our website to find a women’s center in their neighborhood to help them."

The organization’s ads "provide a path to healing and hope for post abortive women and men, while other VirtueMedia ads teach about the sanctity of life," he added.

A press release from VirtueMedia explains that the organization intends to air the pregnancy ads on MTV and BET (Black Entertainment Television) beginning December 28, 2008 and running through March 2009.

VirtueMedia chose the beginning of the year to air the ads because they have found that the time after Christmas through the first quarter of the year is "ideal for airing pro life crisis pregnancy television ads. Television rates are at their lowest cost of the year, television viewing is very high due to cold weather and time off from school and work, and pregnancy rates are at highest level of the year. This provides for the ideal time to air VirtueMedia ads that produce the most fruit."

The organization selected the cable stations MTV and BET because both are "among the top cable networks watched by young women, ages 18-24. They feature lots of contemporary programming and music that appeals to that demographic," Peterson said.

The group is currently fundraising in hopes to reach the goal of $200,000 required to purchase national air-time to run the campaign.

VirtueMedia is a non-profit organization founded Peterson, who is also the founder and director of

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