Proposed textbook implies abortion opposition is wrong, N. Carolina bishops warn

Proposed textbook implies abortion opposition is wrong, N. Carolina bishops warn


A proposed school textbook that describes Roe v. Wade as a ruling against government oppression of rights should be opposed by Catholics, the bishops of North Carolina have said. They argue the text implies that opposition to abortion is wrong.

Bishop of Raleigh Michael F. Burbidge and Bishop of Charlotte Peter J. Jugis reported the problem with the textbook in a Feb. 11 letter to Catholics.

They said the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is considering a proposal for a revised textbook on Civics and Economics. The proposed text asserts that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that mandated permissive abortion laws nationwide, is an example of the Supreme Court upholding rights “against oppressive government.”

If the text is approved, the bishops warned, children will be taught the textbook’s interpretation is the correct one.

“The implication of this proposed text is that opposition to Roe v. Wade is wrong,” the bishops said. “As a voice united on behalf of the unborn who have a right to life, a fundamental human right, we oppose this draft statement.”

They asked Catholics to inform the Department of Public Instruction of their opposition and to ask that any reference to Roe v. Wade be removed from the text.

After supplying contact information, the bishops provided a sample opposition letter that calls the proposed text “reprehensible.”

“As a teaching objective that explains individual liberties, I cannot fathom how removing the right to life for someone who does not possess the power to fight for that right is an example of oppressive government,” the sample letter reads.

The deadline for feedback is Monday, Feb. 15.

“We are grateful for all you do to support the unborn and the formation of our children in the values that support and defend life,” the bishops’ letter concluded.

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