Puerto Rican bishop says proposed bill against the family is “aberrant”

.- Bishop Felix Lazaro of Ponce said recently that new changes to the Civil Code regarding the family scheduled to be debated in the Legislative Assembly this week “are an aberration, an attack on human dignity.”

“I think that the statutes on the family in the proposed Civil Code are full of aberrations, in the sense that they degrade the family, they degrade the person and the dignity of the human being,” he said.

“Let it be said that I have great respect for all persons, whether they are homosexuals or transsexuals.  Each person deserves my greatest respect, but I do not understand why a transsexual, if he was born male, would want to become a woman,” he added.

Bishop Lazaro stressed that rights emanate from God and that abortion and the adoption of children by homosexual couples are not rights.  “They are counter rights, they are the pretensions of small groups that want them but they are not based on human nature,” he stated.

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