Renowned handicapped writer and defender of life dies in Spain

Olga Bejano
Olga Bejano


Spanish author Olga Bejano died on December 5 in Spain after a 20 year-long battle with a neuro-muscular disease that left her mute, blind and practically immobile. Using one of her knees she was able to communicate with the world, including authoring several books and working for the defense of life until its natural end.

 According to El Semanal Digital, Bejano’s health worsened last week when she was stricken with pneumonia and a high fever, “which irreversibly led to the cardio-respiratory failure that ended her life on Friday morning.”

 In 1987 the Spanish writer contracted a neuro-muscular disease that left her practically paralyzed and dependent on an artificial respirator and feeding tube.

 “She found a way to communicate with the world by making apparently incompressible markings by moving her knee, which her nurses learned to slowly translate into writing. Thanks to this system, Ogla was able to successfully publish three books: ‘Voz de papel,’ ‘Alma de color salmon’ and ‘Los garabatos de Dios’ (The Voice of paper,' Salmon-colored Soul and The Scribbles of God), some of which have been translated and published in other countries, making her known internationally.”  Her third work is a lucid reflection on the greatness and limits of the human being, and especially on the capacity of people to overcome trials. She had been working on her fourth book, “Alas Rotas,” (Broken Wings) the report indicated.

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