Report shows natural family planning reduces abortion and sterility in Chinese women

.- A study by the Billings Foundation has revealed that the use of natural family planning could be a better weapon in combating abortion and sterility among Chinese women.

An article in the Spanish magazine “Alba” presented the amazing results of the study.  The use of natural family planning by four million Chinese women reduced the average percentage of abortions from 4.6% to 0.6%, and of 40,000 women who considered themselves unable to bear children, 39,000 achieved conception.

Maria Teresa Gutierrez Prieto, an expert in human sexuality and a promoter of natural family planning, told Alba the “intrinsic goodness” of these methods leads to greater self-esteem in women.

“A woman who knows her cycle loves herself more and is more committed.  Self-control helps one appreciate the other person and love him or her, and be at the other’s service, thus inspiring gestures of affection,” she said.

Gutierrez said NFP represents a “different anthropology.”  It’s not an “alternative” to artificial birth control, but rather is “based on respect for the body, the biological rhythms, and above all, on the idea that we are cooperators with God.”

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