Requiring heterosexuality for marriage is not discriminatory, say bishops


The executive committee of the Bishops’ Conference of Argentina has called on the National Parliament to protect authentic marriage based on the union between one man and one woman.

“To affirm heterosexuality as a requirement for marriage is not to discriminate, but rather to start from an objective point that is its presupposition.  The contrary would be to ignore its essence, that is, that which it is,” the bishops said.

The heterosexuality of marriage is not a private matter or religious choice, they stressed, “but a reality that has its roots in the very nature of the human person, who is male and female.”

The bishops recalled that this natural reality precedes positive law, and for this reason it is the duty of lawmakers to legally protect marriage, which is the foundation of the family.  Both, they said, have been protected from the very beginnings of humanity by civilized society.

The Argentinian bishops then affirmed that the diversity and reciprocity between man and woman becomes even “the foundation for a healthy and necessary sexual education.”

“It would not be possible to educate boys or girls about sexuality without a clear understanding of the sexual meaning or language of the body.  These aspects that refer to sexual diversity and to the beginnings of life were always taken into consideration as a basis for legislation when defining the essence and purpose of marriage,” the bishops said.

For this reason, the bishops urged that marriage be protected as “a good of humanity” and that sincere dialogue take place amidst “the difficult task of legislating on these issues.”

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