Satanic sect blamed in series of “ritual” killings

.- Italian police shocked the country this Monday when they announced the discovery of a satanic sect responsible for killing three youths between 1998 and last January in northern Italy.

According to official sources, the sect know as “Beasts of Satan,” was composed of 10 youths from Milan and Somma Lombardo who were into satanic rituals, heavy metal music and the use of cocaine.

During one of these rituals on January 17, 1998, Favio Tollis and Chiara Marino were “sacrificed” and bludgeoned to death.  Their remains were found buried in a forest last week.

The two were dating each other and had disappeared without a trace seven years ago, but the boy’s father suspected the sect his son was involved in was responsible and he continued to investigate.

It was because of his continued interest in solving the case that investigators followed up on the lead after 26 year-old Mariangela Pezzota was found dead last January 24.  She was shot in the head and buried the garden of a country home in the Varese province.

The girl’s boyfriend, Andrea Volpe, was the primary suspect in the killing.  Police found various instruments used in satanic rituals at the home of Volpe.   

Investigators revealed that the first two victims, Fabio and Chiara, were taken to the forest to participate in a satanic ritual without knowing that they themselves would be the victims.

They also said Chiara was to be the only victim but that Fabio was killed trying to defend her.  Cult members raped the girl before beating her with hammers and finally stabbing her to death.

Authorities have not ruled out that the satanic group, which regularly met to celebrate “Black Masses,” is related to the suicide of two people and the disappearance of another pair of youths during the last few years.

There are 250 known members of organized satanic groups in Italy, although the actual number of those involved in such cults could reach 5000.

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