Sects in Brazil are increasingly linked to politics

Sects in Brazil are increasingly linked to politics


Bishop Jaime Vieira Rocha of Caico, Brazil, warned this week that sects in the country are redoubling their efforts to influence national, regional and local politics.

The bishop made his statements during a recent visit to the international headquarters of the Catholic association Aid to the Church in Need. 

Bishop Rocha, whose diocese is in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil, said a prominent regional politician, “who is a member of the Assembly of God, prefers to subsidize projects proposed by local authorities who are predominantly members of that sect.”

Moreover, he cited the case of another sect, the “Universal Church of the Kingdom of God,” which has over 500 individuals running for office in upcoming local elections.

According to the bishop, in order to address these situations, “the Catholic Church should reinforce its presence in public life and make people aware that the Church is close to them.”  In addition he emphasized the need for Catholics to have a greater social commitment.