Service to the Church constitutes a ‘vocation’ that leads one to holiness, says Holy Father

Service to the Church constitutes a ‘vocation’ that leads one to holiness, says Holy Father


Meeting with members of the Labor Office of the Apostolic See, Benedict XVI explained that by serving the universal Church with love, commitment, professionalism, dedication and responsibility, their work is transformed into a prayer.

In his address to the employees, the Holy Father explained that an essential element of their work is to foresee conflict or discord among "the workers of the Holy See and to seek, if necessary, solutions through sincere and objective dialogue, putting into practice the procedures necessitated by conciliation and arbitration."

The Pontiff went on to describe those working "in the different offices and departments of the Holy See" as forming a unique ‘family.’ He explained that they are not only united by "functionality but also by the same mission, that of helping the Successor of Peter in his ministry at the service of the universal Church. The professional labor that is carried out here thus constitutes a 'vocation' that must be cultivated with care and an evangelic spirit, seeing in it a concrete path to holiness."

"This demands that the love for Christ and for one's brothers and sisters, together with a shared sense of Church, animate and inspire competency, commitment, professionalism, and an honest and proper dedication as well as an attentive and mature responsibility, in this way transforming the work itself, whatever it be, into a prayer. All of this can be considered a permanent formative and spiritual task to which all can give their support: cardinals, bishops, priests, religious, and lay persons."

Concluding his address, the Holy Father remarked that the nearness of Christmas brings to mind, "almost naturally, the labor crisis that currently worries all of humanity." He prayed that the "Christ Child, who was born on that Holy Night of Bethlehem" would draw near us in our difficulties" and look "with kindness on those who are sorely affected by this world crisis, awakening in them feelings of true solidarity."