“Sexual liberation” cause of disorders in one in four German youth


The president of an evangelical organization in Germany dedicated to issues related to sexuality and bioethics presented various studies this week that show that one in four young people in that country suffer from psychosomatic problems as a result of “sexual liberation.”

According to the Archdiocese of Madrid’s news service, Analisis Digital, Wolfgang Vreemann, president of Wiber Kreuz (White Cross) is warning that sexual pressure is one of the main causes of depression and suicide in young people.

During the recent annual gathering of the organization, Vreeman warned of the disorders that young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are experiencing.  Those most evident are of a sexual nature provoked by “the pressure to function” and “the fear of failure,” which affect more than 25% of young people.  In addition, many youths feel a sense of emptiness and that they are being reduced to mere objects.

Vreeman said one out of every two German youths acknowledges that sexual relations are not “liberating.”  In fact, they are often the cause of depression and suicide—which are the leading causes of death among 15-25 year-olds.  According to another study cited by Vreeman, 80% of young people change sex partners frequently, despite desiring to have a lasting relationship.

Vreeman maintained the antidote to the problem is simple: “Engagements need more time to mature.”   Therefore he recommends young people wait for marriage until having sexual relationships.

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