Sistine Chapel chimney ready for conclave

.- This Thursday workers at the Vatican finished installing the chimney in the Sistine Chapel that will send the famous black or white smoke into the air, announcing the election of a new Pope or the continuation of voting in the Conclave that will begin on Monday.

Workers first cleaned the ducts of the stove where the ballots cast by cardinal electors are burned, sending out white smoke if a Pope is elected, and black smoke if the vote was inconclusive. 

The stove is same one used almost 27 years ago to announce the election of Pope John Paul II.

However, in addition to cleaning the ducts and installing the chimney that will protrude above the roof of the Sistine Chapel, modern science will also ensure the proper results are conveyed: chemicals will be used to ensure the black smoke is truly black and the white smoke is indistinguishably white. 

On Friday, a group of journalists chosen by lot will be allowed to visit the Sistine Chapel, which has now been prepared for the opening of the Conclave.

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