Socialist party hiding homosexual agenda of Education for the Citizenry

.- The organization Professionals for Ethics in Spain has denounced the Socialist Party for attempting to delete a paragraph from its website that clearly states that the school course Education for the Citizenry is intended to promote the homosexual agenda.
In a section expressing support for World Gay Pride Day, the Socialist party’s website pointed to various “tools” that “establish respect for sexual diversity,” including the course Education for the Citizenry. 
The website said supporters should be as active in their defense and promotion of the pro-homosexual agenda as “religious integrationists and political conservatives are in their boycott of it.” 
Professionals for Ethics noted that the section initially escaped the politically-correct filters of the Socialist party. “When the document was posted on the official website of Gay Pride Day,” the paragraph that mentions Education for the Citizenry “was quickly deleted.”  “It wasn’t convenient to publicly acknowledge” that the course is intended as a tool to promote the homosexual agenda, “nor to brutally insult the hundreds of thousands of Spaniards who, one way or another, are not in agreement with the school indoctrination,” the organization said.