Spanish bishop calls legalization of homosexual unions by government an aberration


Bishop Jose Gea Escolano of Mondoñedo-Ferrol, Spain, said this week the Spanish government’s plan to legalize homosexual unions next year is “an aberration.”

Speaking on Radio Lugo, Bishop Gea Escolano said this plan would result in practically the destruction of family and marriage “as we know it.”   Therefore, he called the government’s plan to legalize homosexual unions “an aberration,” underscoring that Pope John Paul II “alluded to the issue during his visit with the President of the government.”

Bishop Gea Escolano said he could not understand why the government is “so insistent” upon accepting such a request, which he said “cannot be accepted and which is against the family.”

He also suggested that with the new government moral values may be eroded.

Later Bishop Gea Escolano highlighted three points mentioned by Pope John Paul II during his visit with President Zapatero: abortion, which is the taking of human life; homosexual unions and equating them with the family and even opening the door to adoption by such couples; and the removal of religion from public school curriculums.

The bishop asked, “What kind of positive future can there be for our society.”  “As far as the government is concerned, none,” he answered.

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