Spanish government is violating rights of parents to watch over the health of their children, warns political party


The Spanish Alternative political party has demanded that the country’s government withdraw a measure that would allow the sale of the morning-after pill without a prescription, saying it “violates the right of parents to watch over the health of their children and endangers the health of girls and young women.”


“The decision of the government to distribute the abortion pills, usually known as the morning-after pill, without any medical controls, constitutes another step in the expansion of the culture of death,” the party said in a statement.


The fact that the drugs can be administered to minors “constitutes a violation of the right of parents to watch over the health of their children” and “shows what the priorities of the administration are in addressing the problems that Spaniards face.”


Spanish Alternative warned that this measure does not contribute to decreasing the number of abortions or unwanted pregnancies, but rather increases them without their being included in any official statistics.


The party also noted the drug has many side-effects, which are listed in the directions for use provided by the manufacturer, thus making the distribution of the pills without medical controls dangerous.  To make the pills available without prescription is irresponsible, the party asserted.


 “Spanish Alternative, in defense of life, demands not only the withdrawal of the measure but also the prescription of these kinds of drugs,” the statement said.