Spanish pro-lifers call upcoming March for Life 'more necessary than ever'


The spokesperson for Right to Life in Spain, Gador Joya, is calling all Spaniards to join in the country's March for life on March 7.  She noted that this protest is “more necessary than ever” as Spain's new abortion law will be debated by the Spanish Congress in the upcoming days.

The Spanish Senate’s Committee on Equality recently voted 13-12 against a motion to table the abortion bill.  The bill will most likely be debated in the Senate on February 24.

Joya said the close vote shows that the Senate is divided and that the March 7 March for Life “is more necessary and timely than ever, as it will take place right before the final vote in the House of Representatives.”

Joya then criticized the government for seeking to impose an unjust law without heeding “the social outcry, and ignoring scientific, legal and moral rationale.”

She said pro-life groups would use every means possible to make their voices heard and called for the measure, which is dividing Spain, to be withdrawn or rejected.

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